About Proper Dirty

Proper Dirty is a unisex label that expresses the art of playwriting and theatrics through merging personal narratives with modern inspired silhouettes.


Each piece undertakes a sentimentality of theatrical elements of which the story is expressed and tailored. The production process carries a great love for textiles and decoration that is balanced practically as it is beautiful. A memo from the director would gently inform the audience to collect these items worthy of reflecting upon as one does with motifs, keepsakes or films.


In the Proper Dirty universe, we invite our audience to join in the conversation on unisex clothing that retires from the dominant culture labels of masculinity or femininity. This notion of duality is certainly a duty of the brand as many fabrics incorporate historical practices of theatrical costume design that crosses craft-making with feminine embroideries. The possibilities are broadened when coupled with a traditional menswear approach with silhouettes and designs that are pragmatic for occasions whether more personal or playful. 


We hold a philosophy of creating products that are sustainable because they are cherished and worn with ingenious passion for the details. The charm innately derives from the dialogue embedded in the garments and is mirrored into each audience’s unique collection of memories and experiences.


The collective consciousness of art and aesthetics is something to be unified through our wearer’s aesthetic understanding to dress for authenticity. A sense of unity that allows the audience to fuse into each scene presented by Proper Dirty to reflect upon and for one to orchestrate an intentional storyline that best characterize one’s way of life to others.