Proper Dirty's Vintage Party

For the release of their capsule collection "Vintage Wet Dreams", the team at Proper Dirty curated an event filled with nostalgia. The night featured high ceilings, brick walls, live jazz music from jo's quartert, poetry by the talented Ray Morocco, stand-up comedy by Hassan Phills and sounds by Dj Ali DK. Proper Dirty's new line took inspiration from 80's playboy magazines and vintage wear, and the setting definitely matched this vibe. Retro pin-up girl tin sings, real 80's playboy magazines, old boomboxes, a 50's phone, and a neon sign could be found alongside the walls. One of the corners included a shop like walk-through where the crowd could preview both the new and old pieces from the brand. Inside the space were stairs that led to a hidden outdoor patio were one felt as though they were in a back-alley in New York. The energy was mysterious, hidden, cozy, honest, warm, and vintage. Each event goer took home a printed photo at the photo-booth, a memory that they can look back on once the night is considered truly vintage. 

Sponsor: Nude Beverages 

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